Air N Arc® Remote Mount Control Panel

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Air N Arc® 250 Gas panel shown


Air N Arc® Remote Mount control panel gives you all the control that you need in a location that you choose. By putting your controls in an easy to reach location you will save time and gain operator convenience.

The following is a list of some of the items available on the control panel:

  • Engine Controls
  • Hour Meter
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Welder/Charger Selector Switch
  • Weld Mode Selector Switch (CC/CV)
  • Amperage/Voltage Control Dial
  • Amperage/Voltage Digital Display
  • Twist Lock Weld Cable Connections
  • Charge/Boost Selector Switch (12V/24V)
  • Charge/Boost Cable Connection
  • AC Generator On/Off Selector Switch
  • AC Circuit Resets
  • 1 – 120V Duplex AC Outlet
  • 1 – 240V 30Amp AC Outlet
  • Air Compressor On/Off Selector Switch
  • Air Pressure Gauge

Welder Lead

Weld Leads

Our patented weld lead allows full control of your amperage at your fingertips - no running back to the machine to make adjustments. Available on the Air N Arc® 150.